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Multi Vehicle Fleet Insurance

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Cheap Multi Vehicle Fleet Insurance

Compare multi vehicle fleet insurance

Whether you’re a small business with a growing fleet of vehicles, or a family that owns multiple cars, motorbikes and campervans, a fleet insurance policy could prove to be a lot more cost effective than insuring each vehicle individually. And the more cars you own, the cheaper this type of policy could become on a per-vehicle basis.

multi-vehicle fleet insurance

Compare multi-vehicle fleet insurance now

What is multi-vehicle fleet insurance?

It’s insurance for SMEs or households that need to insure more than one vehicle. The vehicles you insure don’t have to be the same type, though. For example, if you’ve got a couple of cars, a campervan, a motorbike and a horsebox these could all be covered under one multi-vehicle fleet policy.

What’s the benefit of taking out multi-vehicle fleet insurance?

Multi-car fleet insurance policies have the potential to save you both time and money.

Having all your vehicles covered under a single policy means you only have one set of paperwork to deal with, one renewal date and one premium. All of this can save you hours and can help avoid forgetting to renew your insurance.

Insurers often offer discounts for each additional vehicle you add to your policy too. The more vehicles you add the bigger the discount, so you could make some significant savings if your household owns a lot of cars or motorcycles.

On the other hand, if your family fleet is relatively small, you should still compare separate quotes for each car. If you’ve only got two or three vehicles you might not save anything with a fleet policy, especially if one of the drivers has built up a large no claims discount.

How many vehicles does multi-vehicle insurance cover?

Insurers set their own rules about how many vehicles you can put on this type of fleet insurance policy, but this will always be made clear before you sign up.

Some ‘mini-fleet’ policies may limit you to between 2-5 vehicles, while others will let you insure more.

Do family members need to live at the same address to be added to the same multi-vehicle fleet insurance policy?

Yes, when private individuals are taking out a multi-vehicle fleet insurance policy each person named as a vehicle owner on the policy will usually need to be part of the same household.

However, some providers are willing to insure vehicles owned by a family member that is temporarily resident at a different address, such as a child at university, so it’s always worth checking with the insurance provider.

What levels of cover are available for multi-vehicle fleet insurance?

Just like other types of car insurance, there are three levels to choose from when you’re taking out a fleet insurance policy:

  • Third party only (TPO) – covers the cost of damage done to other vehicles, other people and their property. TPO doesn’t pay to fix or replace your own vehicle or belongings. This is the minimum you must have by law and is therefore sometimes the cheapest option.
  • Third party, fire and theft (TPFT) – includes TPO and will also pay to repair or replace your vehicle if it’s damaged by fire or is stolen.
  • Comprehensive – includes TPFT and also covers any damage to your own vehicles and property, even if an accident is your own fault. This is typically the most expensive level of cover you can buy.
How can I lower the cost of multi-vehicle fleet insurance?

Multi-vehicle fleet insurance has the potential to provide your business or your household with some big cost savings, but you can help lower the cost even more by:

  • Paying for your policy annually in order to avoid admin fees and interest charges.
  • Increasing your voluntary excess to reduce your overall premium. If you do increase it, make sure it’s still affordable because you’ll need to pay it for a claim to go ahead.
  • Keeping your vehicles as secure as possible. A locked garage is the ideal option, but if that’s not possible it might be worth investing in an immobiliser.
  • Having named drivers for vehicles rather than an ‘any driver, any vehicle’ policy. Younger drivers also cost more to insure so think twice before naming them on policies for powerful or very expensive cars.
  • Encouraging safer driving. Younger drivers could benefit from advanced driving courses and black box (telematics) policies.

Compare cheap fleet insurance quotes and see if you could save today!

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