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Landlords insurance guide

As a landlord, a person may have one or more NI properties they rent out to other people. While landlords could perform checks to make sure the people they rent to are reliable and can be trusted, it’s not always possible to guarantee that someone won’t eventually present some kind of problem.

This is why landlord insurance NI is so important. If a landlord spends time looking for an appropriate policy online, they could have the peace-of-mind offered by a comprehensive insurance policy that covers the most important areas.

Make sure to get insurance specifically designed for landlords

If a person is new to renting out properties, they may think that existing insurance will suffice. Not so. In fact, if they needed to make a claim, the insurer would almost certainly turn it down. Standard home insurance policies mostly cover homeowners, not landlords. As such, if someone tried to stick with their usual policies, they could find themselves with no cover at all, just when they need it most.

Landlord insurance Northern Ireland might have another advantage too. Not only is it typically tailored towards landlords and their specific requirements, it could also be amended to cover more than one property. This doesn’t necessarily apply to all policies, so it could be wise compare the details when looking for insurance on a site such as CompareNI.com, to make sure a person searches for the right type of policy for their needs.

Is contents insurance necessary?

A person might want to consider having contents insurance if they are renting out a property that is fully-furnished. The insurance should only cover their own furniture and items that are present in the property. They are not generally responsible for insuring the tenants belongings.

Although it could be possible to skip this form of insurance if a person is renting an unfurnished property, the chances are they could still have some items in the property that arent covered by a standard buildings insurance policy. A good example could be kitchen appliances, which may be quite expensive if they needed to be replaced. A kitchen fire, for example, could wipe out the fridge freezer, washing machine and dishwasher and leave the landlord with a significant bill to replace them.

How essential is buildings insurance?

This is generally considered essential, as it covers the structure of whatever building is being rented out. All kinds of things may potentially happen with the building, so it is probably a good idea to get a decent degree of cover.

While some mortgage lenders could offer buildings insurance when applying for a mortgage, it may fare better, looking for a comparison to their offer. This may hold true regardless of whether someone is in Northern Ireland or elsewhere.

Consider landlord liability insurance too

If one of the tenants had an accident in the property, they may potentially have a chance to claim compensation. While many accidents are purely that, some people have successfully made claims against their landlords because of a potential hazard that caused the accident to occur.

For example, if the kitchen floor wasnt laid properly and therefore provided a tripping hazard, a landlord could be sued for compensation. If the stair carpet was poorly fitted instead of getting a professional in the landlord could be at risk. If a tenant falls down the stairs as a result, they could have a chance to claim.

Thus, landlord liability cover might be a very good idea. It could be considered better to have it and not need it than the other way around.

What about rent guarantee?

If a landlord has ever experienced a non-paying tenant, they are likely to know how stressful and financially frustrating it can be. While it could be possible to legally remove them, this tends to require that certain steps are followed, and this could cost even more money. Having rent guarantee cover included in a landlord insurance policy could ensure the landlord isn’t affected financially if this should happen to them.

Seeking cover for home emergencies

Just as things might always go wrong in a person’s own property, so they could sometimes go wrong in a rented property too. If the boiler in a rental property broke down, or the property was damaged if a car hit it, it could be wise to consider if a person has a healthy financial position to handle it?

By seeking cheap landlord insurance that covers this, they could have the peace of mind of knowing they might handle whatever happens.

Shop around to compare landlord insurance for the best deal

Landlord insurance tends to focus on far more than just buildings cover. It is probably vital to consider the amount of cover a person might benefit from before searching for landlord insurance. Cheap cover could save a significant amount each month, but it may also potentially provide peace-of-mind especially if a person ever needs to make a claim.

Shopping around for insurance cover might be a smart idea. Landlords will typically want to keep outgoings as low as possible. This could help maximise profits each month. By looking online for quotes on sites such as CompareNI, a person could stand a better chance of getting more cover for less money.

Finally, it could be beneficial to consider the different kinds of insurance that are available. While a person doesn’t have to go for all the cover options mentioned above, they might wish to consider where they would stand if something went wrong and they didn’t have that particular level of cover. Many landlords prefer to have cover that helps them protect their business.

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