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UK Online Dating Stats – What App Has the Best ROI?


Online Dating Statistics for the UK

The dating landscape in the UK has shifted from traditional online dating to a new era of app-centric interactions. And as these dating apps restrict features like filters and daily likes, more people are investing in subscriptions and premium memberships to get behind the dating paywall. 

If you’re considering committing your cash to a dating app subscription, the UK’s online dating statistics can help. These let you optimize your investment by finding the app that meets your dating goals. 

We are leaning into the numbers game of dating in 2024. So you get the full rundown on which online dating app can give you the best return on the time and money you invest. 

2024 online dating statistics for the UK 

  • 25-35 year olds make up a 20% majority of online dating service users in the UK.
  • Success rates are decreasing across the majority of online dating platforms.
  • Hinge was the only app with increasing success rates, with a 1.08% annual increase. 
  • Tinder is the UK’s top dating app.

The UK’s favourite dating apps

You’ll likely recognise some of the UK’s top dating apps. And while some have had their ups and downs, others have stood the test of time. It’s important to keep up with the latest trends to avoid investing in a fading app, or one with a dwindling user base. Let’s take a look at the most used UK apps and their ongoing trends.

UK adults reached (May 2022)UK adults reached (May 2023)Annual increase
Plenty of Fish53,70062,50016.3%
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UK age demographics across online dating apps 

The majority of UK adults using online dating services are in the 25-35, or 18-24 year old age brackets (20% and 17% respectively). So if you want to date people outside of these age brackets it’s essential to consider where different age demographics are dating. 

These statistics show the favourite dating platforms across each UK generation and what percentage of the users they make up. 

Cost comparison of online dating subscriptions 

Understanding the cost structure of dating platforms is crucial for making informed decisions. Each platform has its own set of subscription tiers or ‘credit’ options that offer access to advanced features like additional filtering, seeing who has liked your profile and improving your profile’s visibility. 

These prices can of course fluctuate across time, and be offered at discounts by the apps. So for accurate comparison, we have focused on the current cost of a one month subscription to the cheapest paid tier offered by each dating platform. 

Paid features1 month subscription cost
Tinder– Unlimited likes
– Unlimited rewinds
– Browse different locations
– Ad free
Tinder+ –  £14.49
Hinge– Unlimited likes
– See who likes you
– More dating preferences
– Browse by who’s nearby
Hinge+ –  £24.99
Bumble– Incognito mode
– Boost features
– See who likes you
– Advanced filters
– Travel mode
Bumble premium – £34.99
Grindr– Ad free
– See read receipts
– Browse different locations
– View 600 profiles in the Grid
– 5 expiring photos a day
Grindr Xtra Lite – £8.48
Plenty of Fish– Ad free
– Unlimited likes
– Extended profile viewing
– First look at new members
– Read receipts
– Up to 16 images on your profile
POF Plus – £19.35
Badoo– Ad free
– See who liked or favourited you
– Undo votes
– Invisible mode
– Higher daily contact limits
Badoo Premium  – £6.87
Happn– Ad free 
– Send up to 10 hellos per day
– Schedule invisibility
– CrushTime
Happn Subscription – £19.99
Match– Send messages
– Read messages
– See who viewed and liked you
– Remove members from your feed
Match Membership – £29.99
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Online dating success rates in the UK 

Understanding success rates can help align your expectations and judge where your money is best spent. Interestingly, the only app that has seen an annual increase in its success rate is Hinge. Every other online dating platform had a decrease in its success rates, even when the number of adults reached by the app had increased. 

2021 Success rate2022 Success rateAnnual difference
Tinder21.5%16.51%– 4.99%
Hinge3%4.08%+ 1.08%
Bumble6%5.75%– 0.25%
Grindr3.6%2.93%– 0.67%
Plenty of Fish12.7%11.18%– 1.52%
Badoo6.1%4.91%– 1.19%
Happn2.7%1.88%– 0.82%
Match8.9%5.64%– 3.26%
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Subscription costs vs success rates

What online dating platform has the best ROI?

In the world of UK online dating, grasping user demographics, costs, and success rates can be seriously helpful. These insights can empower you to make informed decisions when choosing a subscription that matches your desires and objectives. 

Although online dating stats can play a pivotal role in this choice, keep in mind that these stats are just a snapshot. What really matters is your personal goals and experiences with dating, so always choose what feels right for you.



This article is intended as generic information only and is not intended to apply to anybody’s specific circumstances, demands or needs. The views expressed are not intended to provide any financial service or to give any recommendation or advice. Products and services are only mentioned for illustrative rather than promotional purposes

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