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30 Day Impound Insurance

Compare 30 Day Impound Insurance

With many temporary insurance policies only covering you for a maximum of 28 days, you’ll need an impound insurance policy with a minimum of 30 days coverage in order to get your vehicle released from the pound. With over 200,000 vehicles seized by authorities in the UK every year. This is usually due to being caught parking or driving your vehicle on public roads without the correct insurance.

Does impound insurance only cover cars?

No, you can take out impound insurance for vans, bikes and any other type of motor vehicle. essentially any vehicle that has been impounded will need suitable impound insurance before the authorities will release the vehicle to the owner.

Is 30 day impound insurance expensive?

Whilst impound insurance is more expensive that standard motor insurance on a pro-rata basis, the actual price you’ll end up paying is down to many factors. These factors include the type of vehicle that was impounded and the reason for it being impounded. It can be worth choosing a 30 day impound insurance policy as this satisfies the minimum required insurance coverage time as well as not costing you for extra coverage you don’t need.

Why have it?

Impound insurance provides crucial financial protection to the vehicle owner during the impound period. Without insurance, the vehicle owner would be responsible for any damage that may occur to the impounded vehicle while it is in the custody of the impounding agency. This can include theft, vandalism, or accidental damage. Impound insurance helps mitigate these risks by covering the cost of repairs or replacement if any such incidents occur. If you don’t have a valid insurance policy in place you won’t be able to drive your vehicle away from the pound. Since insurers don’t cover the time that your vehicle is in the pound on your standard motor insurance policy either, you’ll need to take out an impound insurance policy. Alternatively you could look into organising a recovery truck to take your vehicle home from the pound but this is likely to be expensive.

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