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Police Impound Insurance

Compare Police Impound Insurance

There are over 200,000 vehicles seized by authorities including the police in the UK every year. This can occur for a number of reasons however the most common cause of seizure is due to driving without insurance. Aside from receiving a £300 pound fine and up to 6 penalty points, you may also be disqualified for driving along with having your car impounded.

Why do the police impound vehicles?

Police may impound vehicles for a variety of reasons such as linking the vehicle to a crime, finding out the vehicle is uninsured. There are also other reasons why police may impound a vehicle that don’t relate to the vehicle itself. These include anti-social driving behaviours, causing danger to other drivers or pedestrians as well as being wanted for other offences. All of these reasons are valid cause for the police to seize your vehicle.

Where does your vehicle go after seizure by the police?

Seized vehicles are taken to a police pound which is usually located at a police station. You should notify the pound asap of your intention to recover the vehicle, as leaving it longer than 7 days can result in you loosing ownership. You will receive a form number 3708 from the police in your mail, this will need to be filled out and returned in order to get your vehicle back.

Why do I need impound insurance?

Impound insurance is essential for providing protection to vehicle owners during the impound period. Without insurance, owners would bear the full costs for any damage that occurs to their impounded vehicle while it is under the custody of the impound. This includes potential risks such as theft, vandalism, or accidental damage. However, impound insurance mitigates these risks by covering the costs of repairs or replacement in the event of such incidents. It’s important to note that without a valid insurance policy, driving the vehicle away from the pound is not possible. Standard motor insurance policies typically do not include coverage for the time the vehicle spends in the impound, necessitating the need for an impound insurance policy.

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