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Impounded Van Insurance

Compare Impounded Van Insurance Quotes

With over 200,000 vehicles seized and impounded by police forces each year in the UK, van owners may wish to consider that when drivers wish to reclaim their impounded vehicles they could be turned away unless they have the right type of insurance in place.

Why would my van be impounded?

Getting your van impounded can be frustrating and can happen for many reasons, for example

  • It was being driven by someone without the correct insurance
  • It has been linked to a crime by police
  • It’s found parked illegally

It’s important to note that there are multiple authorities in the UK with the power to impound your van beside the police such as the DVLA and the relevant local authority.

How much is impound insurance 

The cost of your impound insurance will be unique to you and so average prices can be misleading as to what you’ll actually pay. The type of car you drive along with any penalty points you may have against your licence will also impact the price of your impound insurance. With this said however it is true that you should expect to pay more on impound insurance then on a regular car insurance policy.

Why is impound insurance so expensive?

The reason why impound insurance tends to be more expensive than a regular car insurance policy is simply because it has more risk to the insurer. This is due to the van having been seized by authorities and so insurers will view you as statistically more risky.

Why do I need van impound insurance?

If you don’t have impound insurance for your van then you can expect to face some stiff costs to release your van. Standard van insurance . This type of policy is a short-term motor insurance policy that is intended to cover your vehicle for at least 30 days, since the vehicle won’t be released to you unless you have at least 30 days impound insurance cover in place at the time of collection.

Whilst you can take out impound insurance for a greater time period than 30 days, many motorists only opt for the shortest impound insurance policy as they tend to be more costly than standard motor insurance. 

How much does it cost to get my van released?

This is difficult to answer as it really depends on factors such as the authority which seized your van and how long they’ve held it. You’ll also need to pay for release fees if these are a prerequisite for your van being released to you. If your van was impounded for overdue road tax then this will also need to be paid before release. With the cost for releasing your vehicle potentially costing hundreds of pounds, you’ll want to have the right cover to make sure you’re protected.

Can I take out a normal temporary insurance policy if my van has been impounded?

In short no, most standard temporary insurance policies won’t cover you for releasing your vehicle from the pound as you need a minimum of 30 days impound insurance. Most temporary insurance policies will only cover you for a maximum of 28 days.