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Nissan NV200 Insurance

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All you need to know about insuring your Nissan nv250

The Nissan nv250 is a convenient small van that can be ideal for both personal and business use. It is mandatory that you cover your Nissan nv250 with the right cover for you. You can let our online comparison platform do all the hard work to find cheap quotes tailored to your needs. You can also refer to this guide to get more information about insuring your Nissan nv250.

Is a Nissan nv250 expensive to insure?

Nissan nv250s, being classed as vans, are more expensive to insure than cars. Fortunately, as the Nissan nv250 is a small van, it can still be insured without breaking the bank.

What type of insurance do I need for my Nissan nv250?

The type of insurance needed is dictated by the way you intend to use your van. You can choose from one of the following:

  • Private van insurance: if you use you van strictly for personal use.
  • Business (commercial) van insurance: if you use your van for business purposes or to commute to a workplace.

What types of business van insurance cover can I choose from?

If you use your van for work, you’ll need to choose an appropriate type of business insurance cover. These include:

  • Carriage of own goods – typically used by tradesmen with their own tools.
  • Carriage of goods for hire and reward –suitable for couriers and delivery drivers.
  • Haulage – usually applies to long distance delivery drivers with larger loads.

Do I have to take out insurance to drive my Nissan nv250?

Yes, insuring your van is a legal obligation in the UK, to protect you and others on the road. Not having the correct policy in place can cost you large fines and points on your license.

Can I drive someone else’s van on my van insurance?

You can drive someone else’s van if your van insurance has a DOC (drive other cars) clause, but this will only cover you on a third-party basis. If you regularly drive someone else’s van, you can ask them to add you as a named driver on their policy.

Can I add extras to my Nissan nv250 insurance policy?

Yes, you can add all the required extras when searching for quotes on our van insurance comparison page. Quotes include all selected extras so there won’t be any surprises on your final price.

Are there ways I can save on my Nissan nv250 insurance premium?

Yes, you can save money by:

  • Paying for your premium yearly
  • Keeping a clean driving record
  • Taking an advanced van driving course
  • Increasing your voluntary excess
  • Comparing insurance every year, rather than auto-renewing