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Citroen C3 Finance

Compare Cheap Citroen C3 Finance

With over three generations of updates the Citroen C3 has remained consistently popular with drivers since 2002. Practical and reliable, it is the ideal car for daily commutes and there are many who wish to purchase a C3. However not everyone is ready to purchase a Citroen upfront so financing could be a useful alternative.

That’s why Quotezone.co.uk has teamed up with Magnitude Finance, to take all the hassle out of finding the right finance deal for your new set of wheels. Who are Magnitude Finance?  They are a UK business that has been helping people get the cars of their dreams for over 30 years and have arranged over £500 million of loans each year. No matter what deal you are searching for, we are here to help you with your car finance comparison.

How can I finance a Citroen?

There are many ways that a potential buyer can finance the purchase of a Citroen in the UK. Which finance option you choose to go with largely depend on your own personal preference and the options available to you from lenders. Here are the common methods used to finance a car in the UK.

  • Hire Purchase (HP) – With hire purchase you’ll make regular payments over a typical fixed period of 1 to 5 years or 12 to 60 months. With this finance option, the owner of the car will be the financer until such time as the final payment is made and ownership is transferred to the borrower. Therefore if you miss payments, you could lose the car.
  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – This popular method of finance involves you making regular repayments over a fixed period of time but instead of buying the car you are essentially renting it. You will have the option to purchase the car for the remaining amount after the end of the fixed period or simply return it to the lender.
  • Personal Loans – This type of finance involves you borrowing a lump sum of cash for the purchase of a car and then you will make regular payments over the fixed term until the loan is repaid. 
  • Lease – A lease works in a similar way to PCP where you essentially rent a car for a fixed period of time whilst making regular payments. After the end of the lease you’ll return the car to the financer.

You should always do your research before committing to a finance plan.

How can I save on my Citroen finance?

There are a few simple and practical steps you can take to reduce you car finance costs today. Below are a list of the most common ways you can reduce the cost of financing a car.

  • Improve and maintain your credit score – This may take time however having a good credit score and maintaining it will help you save money in the long run on your car finance options. Having a good credit score will also help you to secure better loans and offers for other products besides car finance in future, so it is always worth maintaining a good score.
  • Always hunt around for the best rates – This may seem obvious but many borrowers forget to do it, meaning they run the risk of missing out on great deals by simply picking the first option they find.
  • Consider a shorter term loan – Generally speaking the longer your term the greater the amount of interest you’ll end up paying over time. It may seem tempting to extend the time you have to repay your loan however this is a somewhat false economy as you’ll ultimately end up spending more due to interest. To reduce the amount of time you spend paying interest, opting for a shorter term loan is a good option.
  • Put down a larger down payment – Whilst 10% is the standard down payment for many financing options, electing to pay a higher amount such as 20% will reduce the total amount you need to borrow for your C3. This will reduce the total amount you end up paying on interest in the long run.
How much is Citroen C3 finance?

This will depend on your own personal finances and what plans a lender is willing to offer you. Factors which will influence the cost of financing a C3 include.

  • Your Credit Score
  • Your Financial History
  • Any Outstanding Debts
  • Your Income

You should always do your research into what finance options will work best for you as some may be more appropriate than others.

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