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Compare Boxer Insurance

Find a cheap quote for boxer pet insurance

Boxers are very popular pets and companions in Britain. Taking out boxer insurance means peace of mind should something happen to your beloved pet.

More than 3 million customers use our comparison tool to compare insurance policies and you’ll have a range of cheap quotes for boxer pet insurance within moments. Compare quotes from over 100 providers across the UK with our independent, unbiased service.

If you still have questions, read on to find out the key things to look at when taking out boxer insurance.

Is boxer insurance worth it?

It’s estimated that half of Britain’s dog population is insured. In a country where vet bills can cost thousands of pounds, many boxer owners believe pet insurance is well worth it. It’s a personal decision, but having cover in place means that you and your dog have some protection if anything goes wrong.

How much does boxer dog insurance cost?

The average cost to insure a dog in the UK is around £28 a month, although each policy and each dog is different. Owners of elderly dogs may pay up to £60 a month. The best way to find competitive rates for boxer pet insurance is to compare a range of quotes from leading providers.

What does boxer dog insurance cover?

Boxer insurance can help you to cover the cost of vet bills if your four-legged friend is ill or injured. Insurance might pay towards the cost of advertising for a lost dog and rewarding the finder. Boxer pet insurance can also cover situations, such as care for your dog, if you have to go into hospital.

What are the main types of boxer insurance?

There are four main categories of insurance that cover most dog owners’ needs:

  • Lifetime: this is usually the most expensive. But lifetime cover is beneficial if your dog develops a long-term condition that requires regular treatment.
  • Maximum benefit: each condition will be covered to its maximum value. But the condition will be excluded and noted as ‘pre-existing’ once the limit has been reached.
  • Time limited: each condition will be covered to its maximum value. But the condition will be excluded following a claim and noted as ‘pre-existing’ once a 12-month limit has been reached.
  • Accident only: covers all accidental injuries.

Will my postcode affect my insurance premium?

Yes, it will. Urban addresses often mean higher premiums than rural postcodes. Most insurers see more risks for dogs in cities.

Will my dog’s age affect the insurance premium?

Older dogs are generally more expensive to insure as they are likely to have more health issues. Premiums can rocket once your dog reaches the age of 8. Comparing quotes is a good way to find a competitive deal.

Why is my boxer more expensive to insure than other dogs?

Pedigree dogs may be more expensive to insure as they can be affected by specific health conditions. Boxers, for example, can suffer from breathing problems. Insurers will factor this into your premium. Research by Which? found that some pedigree breeds can cost significantly more to insure.