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Find bespoke quotes to suit your needs, at prices you’ll love, for your pitbull

Pitbulls originate from England, possibly a descendent of the Olde English bulldog. These active dogs have always held a place in the dog lover’s heart. They are fiercely loyal and very loving towards their owners. At times, they have garnered a reputation for violence but it is widely believed that this infamy has been generated by the way individual dogs have been trained, and it is not a character trait of this breed. With a trend towards longevity, you will have a dog that loves you for over a decade should you decide to give one a home. 

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is much more simple than it sounds. Essentially, each pet owner pays a small amount of money into a big pot. This monthly contribution is there to protect your financially pet should it be involved in an accident or fall ill. Vet bills can be extremely high and owners often can’t fund such bills at the point of use. This is the time you are able to take money from the pot and your insurer will provide you with the money to pay the bill. So, by paying a small deduction each month, you are protecting yourself from high bills in times of need. Securing a good pitbull insurance in the UK gives you peace of mind.

Is a pitbull a good family dog?

Pitbulls make great family dogs. They exude great love for their owners and they are known to form super relationships with children.

Do Pitbulls turn on their owners?

Sadly, pitbulls have had a reputation for vicious and unprovoked attacks on their owners. However, this dog as a breed does not have an instinct for violence. The fact these dogs have often been trained as fighting dogs over years may have impacted on its infamy for being violent. If a pitbull is raised the right way, it is no less likely to turn on its owner than any other dog.

Can you train a pitbull puppy?

Pitbulls can be trained, just like any other dog. This breed responds well to praise when exhibiting good behaviour. These dogs tend to excel in advanced training activities such as agility and obedience. 

Do pitbulls need a lot of exercise?

To keep your pitbull in tip-top condition, it will benefit from around two hours of exercise a day. To raise this benefit to the maximum, your presence in the fun and games is required. Pitbulls love human interaction and will maintain a happier temperament if you engage with them during their exercise time.  

Do pitbulls stay in good health? 

Pitbulls do tend to succumb to some of the more common conditions and disorders that affect other breeds, such as hip dysplasia. They are also prone to heart and skin problems. Having said this, your average pitbull can live up to 15 years. Knowing that you have a good UK pitbull insurance is reassuring should any health concerns arise.

Where can I get the cheapest pet insurance for my pitbull?

At Quotezone, we understand that spending time searching the market for pet insurance is nowhere near as much fun as spending time with your beloved pooch. That’s why we only ask you to fill in one quick form and we will do the searching. We also understand that you want maximum protection for your dog but you don’t want to spend a fortune on monthly payments. We can find you the right quote at the best price. Put your trust in us, like more than three million insurance seekers have done already, as we will get you what you need. Visit us online at Quotezone.co.uk or give us a call.