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West Highland Terrier Insurance Online Without The Fuss.

The West Highland Terrier, or Westie, is a firm favourite in the UK. It is small, cute and friendly. It fits in well with family life and brings love and fun wherever it roams. Westies have a good life expectancy and will serve you loyally in all of that time. A real winner of a pet.


Do I really need pet insurance for my West Highland Terrier?

Any living thing is prone to accident or illness. Pet insurance gives you protection should your dog become ill or be involved in an accident. If you know that paying at the point of use for vet bills might be a challenge, then pet insurance is definitely for you.


What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is simply a protection policy. You pay a small premium each month to ensure that should your dog be involved in an accident or develop an illness, you will have expensive vet’s fees covered. You can also buy third-party insurance to protect yourself should your Westie cause an accident. It is also possible to buy insurance that covers alternative medical treatments and in the case of the death of your pet. Knowing which level of protection is the most suitable for you is a bit of a challenge. Using a service such as ours, can take the worry out of pet insurance, so give us a call and let us take care of you.


Do West Highland Terriers make good family dog?

Westies are one of the most popular small breeds in this regard. They love nothing more than to be out and about exercising and they are full of fun.


What is the average price for a West Highland Terrier?

A West Highland Terrier could cost you anything between £300 and £900 for a well-bred puppy.


Do West Highland Terriers smell?

In comparison to other breeds, no they don’t. Because their coat is short and coarse it prevents any smell from being trapped. If you groom your Westie regularly, you will also minimise any smell from your pooch.


Do Westies shed a lot?

No, they don’t. These little cuties make great pets for those with asthma or pet allergies. This is because they have low dander and don’t shed greatly.


How often should you walk a Westie?

Your little Westie will be ready for a walk whenever you are ready to take them. In general, one hour of exercise a day is enough to keep them fit and healthy.


Where can I get insurance for my West Highland Terrier?

We know that you would prefer to be out and about with your little Westie than sat indoors searching for the pet insurance that will protect you both. So, trust us, like the three million insurance searchers that have done before you, and let us get the best quote around. Visit us at Quotezone.co.uk or give us a call.