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Bentley Bentayga insurance

A luxury SUV that combines speed, power, performance and technology, the Bentley Bentayga is designed to keep you safe and comfy during exploration. However, without an appropriate car insurance policy in place, neither you, your passengers or your Bentley Bentayga will be safe.

A car with such power and value deserves an equally impressive car insurance policy though which is why we’ve compared the UK’s leading providers so you can find a policy that suits you and your vehicle.


What are insurance groups?

To determine how expensive a particular car is to insure, insurance groups were created. Vehicles in group 1 are the cheapest to insure while those in group 50 have the most expensive insurance. 


What insurance group is Bentley in?

Bentleys are in group 50 which means they have some of the most expensive insurance around.


Are 4x4s and SUVSs more expensive to insure?

Yes, typically these types of vehicles are more expensive to insure because heavier and larger vehicles, with bigger engines, are more likely to sustain serious damage in an accident and cause damage to other cars. They are usually more powerful than other cars which also results in higher premiums. 


Why are Bentley Bentayga expensive to insure?

As mentioned above, SUVs typically have higher rates of insurance. Bentley’s also come with a premium price tag and value which increases insurance quotes as the cost to fix or replace these cars will also be more. 


Which insurance should I get for my Bentley Bentayga?

A car with such value deserves a premium level of insurance but whether this is right for you will depend on your driving needs and budget. Fully comprehensive is the most extensive insurance and covers other people, property, cars and your vehicle if it’s involved in an accident, stolen or has been involved in an attempted break-in. 


Can I reduce the quote to insure my Bentley Bentayga?

Yes, the easiest way to reduce your car insurance quote is to compare insurance providers. It’s also wise to look into what extras are included in your policy and remove anything that you don’t need. If you have a good no claims bonus, using this can also bring the price down. 

Of course, when you insure your Bentley Bentayga, you should compare quotes from leading providers.


Will my age affect my Bentley Bentayga insurance?

Yes, unfortunately younger drivers – specifically those between the ages of 18 and 25 – usually have the highest rates of insurance. This is because statistics show that they’re more likely to take risks on the road and drive faster, resulting in more frequent accidents. Drivers over the age of 25 can enjoy reduced premiums though, until they reach the age of 70. Typically, drivers between the ages of 40 and 50 have the most affordable rates of Bentley Bentayga insurance.