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Do I need caravan insurance?

Caravan insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK, but it is still a good idea to have it. Since your car insurance can’t cover you for any damage or repairs involving your caravan, you’ll be reliant on the insurance of the at-fault driver during an accident to cover the costs. If you are the driver at fault, then you could be faced with needing to cover very expensive repairs and damages by yourself.

Whether you require touring or static caravan insurance or even specialised coverage, you should compare caravan insurance providers to find a policy that best suits your needs.

At Quotezone, our UK caravan insurance providers could help find you a tailor-made caravan insurance quote – now that’s reassuring! Not only that, we are totally independent and provide a FREE no-obligation quote system to help you search for the cheapest caravan insurance. Policy offers can include full cover for your caravan against fire damage, theft of belongings, towing your caravan, and accidental damage.

What does caravan insurance cover?

A good caravan insurance policy will cover you for the following:

Traffic accidents

Caravan insurance will help you pay for the cost of repairs and replacement parts needed after an accident. If the accident is someone else’s fault, their third-party insurance should cover these costs.

Caravan recovery

If your caravan is involved in an accident, it may be difficult to move due to damage. Caravan insurance will cover the costs for professional recovery services which can help get your caravan back home or to a repair garage.

Theft & burglary

If thieves steal your caravan while its detached, then having a caravan insurance policy in place will cover you against the loss. You can also insure certain contents and belongings should thieves manage to steal them from inside your campervan.

Third-party liability

If your caravan causes any property damage or personal injury to others, your caravan insurance will cover you for third-party liability costs. This means you’ll be covered for the costs of damages and injuries caused by your caravan and any resulting legal fees.

Write offs

If your caravan is written off due to an accident, some caravan insurance policies can help you cover the cost of hiring a new one in the meantime.

What doesn’t caravan insurance cover?

You should always check your policy details to confirm any coverage exclusions. Caravan insurance will typically not cover the following:


The theft or burglary of your caravan and contents due to lack of security, e.g. leaving windows open and not locking doors, typically won’t be covered by your insurer. Your caravan insurance will also likely be made void if you park your caravan outside its registered storage locations.

Wear and tear

Normal wear and tear caused by use and age are not treated as insurable events. Repairs and replacement parts due to wear and tear will not be covered under your policy.


If your caravan is damaged due to rodent and insect infestations, this will typically not be covered under a standard caravan insurance policy.

Unapproved use

Using your campervan for purposes which it is not designed or intended for will also likely cause your insurer to reject any insurance claims for related damage.

What are the different types of caravan insurance?

There are a variety of caravan insurance policies available in the UK to both static and tourer caravan owners, many of which can be tailored to meet your specific needs. The two main kinds of caravan insurance are:

  • New for old – If your caravan is written off or stolen, new for old insurance will cover your caravan for the value of a brand new replacement model.
  • Market value – This insures you for the current market value of your caravan model. If your caravan is older than 20 years, your insurer will payout at the rate of a caravan with a similar make, age and condition.

Caravan insurance policies also come with the option for tailored coverage, this means you can choose to add additional coverage such as windscreen cover, European travel cover and breakdown cover.

If you are a motorhome owner then this will technically be classed as a motor vehicle. This means you’ll need motorhome insurance with at least third-party cover in order to legally drive on the road.

How much is caravan insurance

The average cost of standard touring caravan insurance in the UK is around £150 per year but some quotes can average £80 less to £500 more. The best way of finding out the cost of a caravan insurance policy that is specific to you is to do a caravan insurance comparison online. Insurers will consider the following when calculating caravan insurance quotes:

Your caravan’s estimated market value

Where your caravan is parked

Your estimated annual towing mileage

Will you take your caravan overseas

The value of your caravan contents

Whether or not you’ve claimed on your caravan policy in the past five years

Any extra coverage you’ve added.

How to get cheaper caravan insurance

Static caravan insurance tends to be slightly cheaper than touring caravan insurance. If you model is in the more expensive range, you can still find cheap caravan insurance by taking some additional steps:

Join a caravan club

By joining a caravan club, you can reduce your caravan insurance premiums by over 7%. Many insurers will offer discounts to caravan club members.

Increase voluntary excess

While you will have to pay more excess in the event of a claim, increasing your voluntary excess can be a good way of significantly reducing your caravan insurance premiums.

Store your caravan securely

Keeping your caravan in a secure location when not in use can be a great way of reducing your premiums. Parking your caravan in a CaSSOA site can save you up to 20% on your premiums.

Avoid unnecessary cover

Avoid extra coverage you don’t need, this will cost you extra.

How to get caravan insurance

Caravan details

Static Caravan, Touring Caravan, Folding Caravan, Folding Camper, Trailer Tent – make & model.

Location & Cover

Address, storage location, required level of cover & any policy extras.

About You

Address, phone number and insurance start date.


What’s the difference between static and touring caravans?

Static caravans are designed to be stationary while a touring caravan is designed to be easily towed by a motor vehicle. Typically, static caravans come with more home comforts items and are generally more spacious. Touring caravans on the other hand are smaller and more mobile.

What is family cover on caravan insurance?

Family & friends cover will insure you for use of your caravan by friends and family who are named under your cover. This cover will only apply to friends and family that are named under your cover.

Will caravan insurance cover me outside the UK?

Some caravan insurance policies will offer your coverage for travel outside the UK. Some insurers will include continental europe as in their insurance policies while others will only insure you for UK travel. Confirm your coverage needs with your insurer if you are planning on travelling overseas with your caravan.

What types of caravan can I insure?

Touring caravans and static caravans are the most common types of caravan delt with by insurers. But you can also inure folding caravans, trailer tents and campervans. Motorhomes are treated as motor vehicles and so will require third-party insurance.

Does caravan insurance let me tow my caravan?

Standard car insurance will not cover you for towing or damage to your caravan. Whilst you will need valid car insurance to legally tow a caravan on UK roads, a caravan insurance policy can cover you for any insurable damage that happens to your caravan. Check with your car insurance provider before towing your caravan to confirm that your car insurance policy allows for caravan towing.

Why compare caravan insurance with Quotezone?

At Quotezone.co.uk we provide a caravan insurance comparison service that lets you quickly and easily compare cheap caravan insurance.  

Not only does our service enable you to compare policies from a wide range of different providers, but one short form is all it takes to do this comparison. Making your search for the cheapest van insurance easier.

We only match you with insurers who can meet your needs, so you can specify the exact cover you need on your caravan policy. This can include contents and awning cover, whether you own a single or twin-axle caravan.

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