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AC10 Insurance – Compare Cheap Quotes

Searching for convicted driver insurance can be demoralising and frustrating, but Quotezone could help you find a better deal with our panel of UK insurance providers.

If you’ve been convicted of failing to stop after being involved in an accident, and had an AC10 conviction code added to your driving licence for that motoring offence, you probably already know that the cost of your insurance could rise quite considerably when you come to renew your policy, since insurance providers view a convicted driver as higher risk than a motorist with a clean driving record.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around for the cheapest AC10 insurance policy you can find. In fact, when you need to take out this type of ‘convicted driver insurance ’ it becomes even more important that you compare quotes from a wide range of different providers, because that way you increase your odds of finding a suitable AC10 insurance policy at a price that won’t break the bank.

Compare AC10 insurance now

Why does AC10 insurance cost so much?

Unlike some of the motoring convictions that can sometimes result in just penalty points (such as DR10, CU80 or DD40 convictions, for instance, each of which carry a minimum of 3 points), an AC10 conviction comes with a minimum of 5 penalty points. The more points you receive the more your insurance is likely to rise by, so practice this means that an AC10 conviction could add 25% or more to your premium.

What’s the maximum number of points I can receive for an AC10 conviction?

The maximum number of penalty points you can receive when you’re convicted of failing to stop after an accident is 10 points. While this means you should be able to keep your licence if you didn’t have any other penalty points, if you do receive the full 10 points for an AC10 conviction and you already have 2 or more points on your licence you’ll receive an automatic driving ban under the TT99 ‘totting up’ system.

How long will an AC10 conviction stay on my record?

An AC10 conviction will stay on your driving record for 4 years from the date of the offence, which means you’re likely to experience higher AC10 insurance premiums for years to come after this type of motoring violation.

Once those four years are up the conviction will be ‘spent’ and removed from your record, which means you’ll no longer be classed as a convicted driver (provided you haven’t been convicted of any other motoring offences in the interim, of course).

Does an AC10 conviction result in a criminal record?

Yes, an AC10 conviction is classed as a ‘recordable offence’, which means it will usually result in a criminal record.

If you receive penalty points for your AC10 offence your criminal conviction will usually be deemed as ‘spent’ after five years from the date of the offence, although the rules will vary if you’re given a custodial sentence in addition to points.

How can I find cheap AC10 insurance?

If you’re looking to find cheaper car insurance after you’ve received an AC10 conviction the most important thing you can do to increase your odds of finding a suitable policy is to compare quotes from a wide range of providers.

Different insurance providers can have very different underwriting terms, which means some insurers might give risk factors like driving convictions a different weighting than others.

Beyond that, some of the following strategies might be worth exploring:

  • Taking an advanced driving course – While it isn’t a hard and fast rule, some car insurance companies might be willing to offer you a lower premium if you complete an advanced driving course, because these courses can help to prove that you’re a safety-conscious driver.
  • Paying for the full year upfront – This can sometimes be a painful pill to swallow when your premium is very high, but if you’re able to pay the full amount upfront you could save quite a bit of money versus a monthly payment plan.
  • Downgrading your car for one in a lower insurance group – while this might sound drastic, it’s worth considering if the cost you’re being quoted for AC10 insurance is out of your budget. Cars with bigger, faster engines usually fall into higher insurance groups, so by trading in your motor for one with a smaller engine you could benefit from cheaper AC10 insurance quotes.