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Travel Insurance for Singapore

Singapore has a rich mix of ethnicities and cultures that you can experience through its languages, customs and cuisines. Its world-famous architecture is matched with lush botanic gardens and green spaces, so you dont miss out on the island’s natural beauty.

Your trip to Singapore will likely be memorable for all the right reasons. But if things do go wrong Singapore travel insurance can give you personal and financial protection. It helps cover medical treatments, cancellations, and if your luggage or possessions are lost or stolen. 

Get peace of mind for your trip with travel insurance for Singapore

Cheapest Travel Insurance Singapore Policies

The cost of your insurance will vary depending on your personal needs and how you plan to spend your holiday. But if you are looking for the cheapest travel insurance Singapore policy, one method to cut costs could be to compare policies and find the price that fits your budget

At Quotezone.co.uk, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and are committed to providing transparent and unbiased comparisons. We help you compare 30 trusted UK travel insurance companies fast so you can get back to planning your travels. 

Do I need travel insurance for Singapore?

There are no longer strict Singapore travel insurance requirements. But although travel insurance is not necessary by law, it’s obvious why so many travel experts and government bodies treat it as a travel essential. 

If you need healthcare or any medical treatment while in Singapore you will need to be able to pay for it. And if you don’t have insurance, this is a cost you will have to cover alone. Singapore’s standard of healthcare is very high, and this is reflected in the costs.

Health risks that you can experience while travelling in Singapore include mosquito-borne diseases, Zika virus and Dengue fever. Air pollution can also be an issue if you suffer from respiratory issues. These risks, paired with the usual travel hazards make even the cheapest travel insurance Singapore coverage well worth getting.

Protect your health and finances now with travel insurance for Singapore 

Which is the best travel insurance Singapore policy?

When you’re searching for the best travel insurance Singapore policy for you, you’ll need to consider your travel plans and personal needs.

Singapore will be protected under worldwide travel insurance, which comes with the option to exclude travel to the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean. And this is typically a more cost-effective choice. Within this, you can choose three main coverage types, including:

  1. Single trip insurance – For one-time holidays to Singapore.
  2. Annual multi-trip insurance – Covering multiple worldwide holidays in a year.
  3. Backpacker insurance – For longer trips through several countries. 

For some, additional coverage or add-ons will be necessary for comprehensive travel insurance for Singapore. Typical add-ons for Singapore are:

  • Cover for pre-existing health conditions – This ensures that your existing health conditions are included in your medical coverage while you’re travelling.
  • Higher personal possessions cover – If you want to cover items that exceed standard coverage limits, you can select higher limits to ensure they’re adequately protected.
  • Activity cover – For activities like parachuting or bungee jumping, you might need to add extra coverage to ensure these high-risk activities are included.
  • Cruise coverage – If you are travelling to Singapore on a cruise, this can protect against scenarios like missed departures or changes in the schedule.
  • Gadget insurance – If you’re working while travelling or carrying expensive devices, this coverage protects various gadgets and electronics.
What does travel insurance for Singapore cover?

Typical Singapore travel insurance will give you comprehensive coverage for a range of common travel issues, like:

  1. Medical care – Financial aid that covers the particularly high costs of medical care in Singapore.
  2. Repatriation – Coverage for expenses involved in returning you to the UK if you need additional medical care or in case of death.
  3. Personal injury – Financial assistance if you fall victim to severe injuries like limb loss or blindness.
  4. Trip interruption and cancellation – Protects your financial holiday investments if your trip is cancelled or shortened due to events outlined in your policy details. 
  5. Personal liability – Covers expenses you are liable for if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property.
  6. Legal – Financial aid for legal fees if you require legal support.
What will Singapore travel insurance not cover?

There are some things Singapore travel insurance typically won’t cover, and these are important to be aware of:

  1. Pre-existing medical conditions – These can need specialist insurance for existing medical conditions. And it is essential to declare all conditions to your insurer to avoid invalidating your coverage.
  2. Intoxication – Injuries or accidents that happen while you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol may not be covered. 
  3. High-risk activities – Extreme sports or high-risk activities may need extra coverage beyond standard insurance.
  4. Unexpected events – Cover for events surrounding terrorism, civil unrest, or natural disasters may not be covered by all travel insurance.
  5. Illegal actions – Claims resulting from illegal activities won’t be covered. Adhere to Singaporean law at all times and be respectful of the customs and culture of the island.
  6. Travelling against government advice – The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) gives up-to-date travel advice. But if they advise against travelling here you will not be covered by travel insurance. 
What documents do I need to enter Singapore?

It’s important to check the full entry requirements for Singapore before you travel. British passport holders can stay for up to 90 days in Singapore without a visa. But your passport will need to be valid for a minimum of six months from the date you arrive.

You will also have to complete an electronic SG arrival card in the three days before you arrive in Singapore. This will ask you for your travel details and a health declaration.

Start your Singapore holiday right by finding the right travel insurance for your journey. We can make it simple, letting you quickly compare quotes from 30 trusted UK travel insurers to find the coverage you need for a worry-free stay in Singapore.

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