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Cheap Drive Like a Girl Insurance

Drive Like a Girl: Compare Car Insurance Quotes


Drive Like a Girl was launched at the beginning of 2013 in response to the EU’s Gender Directive, which came into force in December 2012 and made it illegal for insurance providers to use gender as one of the factors they use to calculate car insurance premiums.

While the Gender Directive was intended to tackle sexual discrimination, road accident data and insurance claims data has consistently shown that female drivers are statistically less likely than men to be involved in a car accident.

Taking that into account, Drive Like a Girl uses telematics data to assess a motorist’s driving, and rewards them with cheaper car insurance premiums if they ‘drive like a girl’ (meaning they drive more safely) - no matter their gender.

If you’re interested in taking out a telematics insurance policy and believe you’re a safe driver it might be time to Drive Like a Girl - even if you’re a man.

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Is Drive Like a Girl breaking the EU’s Gender Directive regulations?

No, while this insurance provider uses a black box to track its policyholders’ driving and reward motorists who do ‘drive like a girl’ (in other words, drivers who drive safely) those rewards and reduced premiums are open to any policyholder who is a safe driver, no matter whether they are male, female or non-binary.

Has the cost of car insurance for women gone up since the EU introduced the Gender Directive?

Each factor that goes into an insurance premium calculation is intended to take into account the greater or lesser risk a motorist with that particular attribute is likely to represent to the insurer. Since gender is no longer one of those variables, in theory a male driver and a female driver who had identical cars, occupations, post codes and driving records should now be offered identical car insurance quotes, with the cost of insurance likely rising for female drivers rather than falling for male drivers.

However, it’s highly unlikely that two motorists will ever have identical personal details and vehicle details, and in practice the fact that many female drivers are likely to have built up larger No Claims Discounts specifically because they are less likely to be involved in an accident means there’s still a good chance many women drivers are enjoying cheaper insurance than men.

Of course, if you sign up for a telematics policy from Drive Like a Girl a large part of the risk assessment can be handled by the black box in your car instead of statistical averages. If the black box reveals that you really are a safer driver you’re sure to be rewarded accordingly, no matter your gender.

Is Drive Like a Girl insurance only available to young drivers?

Drive Like a Girl’s insurance policies have been specifically designed to meet the needs of young drivers, but in practice you don’t have to be young or female to take out one of these policies. Whether you’re young and newly qualified or an older driver who has spent many years behind the wheel, you simply have to be willing to install a black box in your car for the duration of your policy.

drive like a girl insurance

How much does Drivelikeagirl Insurance cost?

It’s hard to give an average cost for a car insurance policy from Drive Like a Girl, because as with most insurers this provider will take a wide range of variables into consideration when calculating a premium, many of which are unique to the policyholder.

For instance, whether you’re a provisional driver, a newly qualified driver or a seasoned pro will have an impact on the cost of your car insurance, as will your location, your occupation, your driving record and your annual mileage.

However, since Drive Like a Girl is a telematics provider the driving data your car’s black box shares with your insurance provider will also affect the cost of your insurance. Your premium will be adjusted dynamically in response to that data, with aggressive handling and excessive speed likely to result in a higher premium, while safer driver should see your premium hold steady.

Does Drivelikeagirl impose curfews?

Some telematics car insurance providers impose curfews on their policyholders, with drivers restricted to only driving during daylight hours or forbidden from driving after midnight, for instance.

While there is a risk-based reason for these curfews (insurance claims data reveals that motorists are more likely to have an accident when they’re driving in the dark, particularly late at night when both they and other motorists are likely to have slower response times), it can make things difficult for some drivers.

It’s worth noting that Drive Like a Girl doesn’t impose curfews on its policyholders, so you won’t be prevented from popping to supermarket at 11pm or picking a friend up from the airport at 4am if you take out a policy with this provider.

Does Drivelikeagirl impose mileage limits?

Yes, Drive Like a Girl insurance policies usually have an annual mileage limit of 7,000 miles per year. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the average mileage a typical motorist in the UK is likely to clock up in a year is very close to this limit at 7,200 miles, so there’s a very good chance you will drive fewer miles than Drive Like a Girl’s limit.

And if you do need to drive more than 7,000 miles during any one year you will also have the option to buy a mileage top up, which means you would then be covered for the additional mileage you clock up too.

Does Drive Like a Girl insurance offer third party-only policies?

No, Drive Like a Girl’s telematics policies are all fully-comprehensive, which means you get a much more comprehensive level of coverage than if you were to take out a third party or third party, fire and theft insurance policy with someone else.

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