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Compare Holiday Home Mortgages

Looking for the best holiday home mortgages?

Many people dream of having a second home or holiday home in order to make the most of their holidays. Having a holiday home in your favourite tourist location can let you take more frequent breaks away from where you live. However, getting a holiday home mortgage can be a confusing and difficult process.

Our easy quote comparison tool lets you quickly compare holiday home mortgage offers from UK-based mortgage lenders. This makes it much easier to find the right holiday home mortgage for you. It can also help you save money on your mortgage.


How much deposit do I need for a holiday home?

The amount of deposit needed for a holiday home mortgage is often higher than the deposit for a standard mortgage. You will usually need somewhere between 10% and 25% of the property’s value as a deposit.

This makes it extra important to compare holiday home mortgages in the first instance.


Why are holiday home mortgages more expensive?

Holiday home mortgages can be more expensive than a residential mortgage because people are more likely to default on a holiday home mortgage since they are more likely to focus on their main home. This means that mortgage lenders charge more.

As such, use our quote comparison tool to find the best holiday home mortgage offering.


Are holiday home mortgages interest only?

Holiday home mortgages can be either interest only or can be a repayment mortgage. If you want to find a specific type of mortgage for your holiday home, you can compare quotes to find the right kind for you.


Can I rent out my holiday home?

If you intend to rent out your holiday home when you are not using it, you need to make sure you get the right type of mortgage. Not all mortgages will allow you to rent out your holiday home while it is under a mortgage, and breaking the terms of your mortgage could lead to problems.


Can you remortgage to buy a holiday home?

Yes, you could remortgage your primary home or get a different type of secured loan in order to buy a holiday home. This means that the mortgage would be on your primary home, not the holiday home. However, you should compare options to find the one that is right for you.


What is a Buy to Let mortgage?

A Buy to Let mortgage is for people who want to rent out their property. You generally cannot live in a property with a Buy to Let mortgage, so this may not be a suitable option if you want to live in your holiday home at some point in the year.


Can you have two residential mortgages?

Yes, you can often get multiple residential mortgages for multiple properties. However, you need to check if this is the right type of mortgage for you. A residential mortgage may not be suitable for a holiday home if you intend to only live there for certain times of the year. It is always important to check the terms and conditions of a mortgage.