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Average Car Insurance Premium by Region 2022

The amount drivers pay to insure their cars varies widely depending on where in the country they live, new data has revealed.

The average car insurance premiums paid by drivers, show massive differences according to newly released data from insurance comparison platform Quotezone.co.uk.

Motorists in London are forking out considerably more than drivers in other parts of the UK, with average premiums in the capital nudging close to £800.

Quotezone.co.uk crunched the numbers on a sample of over 1,000,000 policies, naming London as the most expensive place in the UK to insure a vehicle, with drivers paying £781.01 on average in the capital.

The North West of England was the second most expensive place to insure a car with an average premium of £634.36.

The West Midlands region was revealed to be the third most expensive part of the UK for car insurance with an average premium of £630.42, just slightly less than that of the North West.

Drivers in Yorkshire, with its mix of urban and rural landscapes, paid an average premium of £592.27, while those in the North East paid £545.29.

The East Midlands region commanded insurance premiums considerably cheaper than those down the road in the West Midlands with an average premium in the East Midlands being just £538.93.

Perhaps surprisingly, the South East of England region offers motorists good value once those living in London have been factored out, with the average premiums here being just £498.25.

Welsh drivers paid only £493.30 on average while motorists in Northern Ireland enjoyed even better value, paying just £492.39.

Drivers in East Anglia also enjoyed cheaper premiums at just £489.62 on average, while north of the border motorists in Scotland paid even less, at £463.53 on average.

Finally, those car owners in the South West of England, including the rural counties of Devon and Cornwall, enjoyed the best value car insurance in the UK with average premiums of only £422.88.