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Cheap Car Insurance NI

In the past drivers in Northern Ireland often found it more difficult to find cheap car insurance than their English, Scottish and Welsh neighbours, but in recent years premiums have been fairly comparable across all four parts of the UK.

The number of British insurance providers serving motorists in Northern Ireland is also continuing to grow, making it even more likely you’ll get a good deal when you compare insurance quotes from a wide range of providers.

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Why was car insurance more expensive in Northern Ireland?

There are a number of reasons why insuring your vehicle in Northern Ireland was once much more expensive than it was elsewhere in the UK.

According to the Office of Fair Trading the province’s differing legal system was one of the causes, because the courts in Northern Ireland have generally been seen as more generous with compensation pay-outs, which in turn forced insurers to increase their premiums to offset the risk of a higher claim.

Another explanation is that motorists in Great Britain have historically had a greater tendency to shop around for a better deal compared to drivers in Northern Ireland. In fact, an OFT omnibus survey in 2011 found that two thirds of motorists in Northern Ireland stayed with their existing car insurance company when their policy was due for renewal, compared with just over half of drivers in Great Britain.

Lastly, Northern Ireland Transport Statistics from 2010-2011 found that Northern Ireland had more road traffic accidents per capita and per vehicle, which in turn led to increased insurance premiums.

Is car insurance in Northern Ireland now cheaper than the rest of the UK?

In the past many British insurance companies specifically excluded coverage for drivers in Northern Ireland, which meant there were less options to choose from. As a growing number of providers are now extending their coverage to the province the cost of Northern Ireland car insurance is beginning to fall, and some estimates suggest it may even be cheaper to insure a car in Northern Ireland now than it is in Great Britain.

That’s a very generalised interpretation, though, and shouldn’t be taken as a sign that you’ll be guaranteed a cheaper quote because a lot will depend on your vehicle, your local neighbourhood, your occupation and other personal details, and your driving record.

No matter where you live the best plan is to compare car insurance quotes from a wide range of providers and then go with the firm that offers the best policy at the lowest price.

Does UK car insurance cover Northern Ireland?

Cars that visit Northern Ireland from England, Scotland or Wales will automatically be insured to drive anywhere in the province (provided the motorist already has appropriate insurance in place, of course).

If you’re moving to Northern Ireland from another part of the UK, though, you will need to contact your insurance provider and inform them of your change of address. This is something you are obligated to do even if you’re only moving to another house on the same street, but when you’re going further afield there’s a greater likelihood that your premium might have to be adjusted to reflect possible changes to your risk profile.

Of course, this adjustment may be upward or downward depending on the crime rates and road traffic accident rate for your new location and how that compares to the statistics for your old neighbourhood.

Are there any car insurance companies that are headquartered in Northern Ireland?

Yes, in addition to the insurance companies in Great Britain that offer car insurance policies to Northern Ireland drivers, there are also a number of insurance providers that are headquartered in Northern Ireland, including Hughes Insurance, Allianz NI, Apricot Insurance and Abbey Insurance.

You could contact each of those local car insurance providers one at a time in order to compare quotes, but using a dedicated insurance comparison website like Quotezone.co.uk could save you a lot of time because you’ll only have to complete one short form to compare quotes from hundreds of different providers.

Which car insurance companies serve Northern Ireland?

Whether you’re a student driver that has only recently passed your driving test, or an older, more experienced motorist in your 60s or 70s, it probably goes without saying that local insurance companies like Hughes and Abbey can provide you with suitable car insurance if you live in Northern Ireland. However, a growing number of insurance providers in other parts of the UK are now willing to insure motorists here too, so you stand a better chance of finding a great deal if you use Quotezone.co.uk to compare quotes from local and other UK-based providers simultaneously.

You’ll only be shown quotes from providers that are willing to cover drivers in Northern Ireland, which means you won’t waste your time on unsuitable providers.

How can I find cheap NI car insurance if I’m a young driver?

When you’re a younger driver it can be tricky to find a good deal on your car insurance, because insurance companies usually charge a higher premium to offset the higher insurance risk inexperienced motorists represent.

Nevertheless, there are still ways to lower the cost of your insurance, such as:

  • Comparing car insurance quotes through our price comparison service, which can help you find a suitable policy at a competitive price.
  • Considering black box insurance, which involves fitting a black box to your car to track your driving habits. If you’re a safe driver and follow the rules of the road your policy could be as much as 20% cheaper.
  • Opting for a car with a smaller engine, which usually means it will fall into a lower insurance group.
  • Taking the ‘Pass Plus’ test, which can help to reduce your premiums because it demonstrates you’re a safe driver.

*51% of consumers could save £529.95 on their Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024 data. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

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