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Travel Insurance for Malaysia from UK

Malaysia offers a unique mix of ethnicities and cultures that you can experience through its languages, customs and cuisines. And with a wealth of natural beauty like caves, tropical rainforests and crystal blue beaches it’s easy to see why it is a holiday hot spot.

Knowing the risks that you can face, and having the right travel insurance for Malaysia is essential. This can help protect you from accidents and get you back to your holiday quickly when things go wrong.

Travel Insurance for Malaysia from UK can cover medical costs, cancellations, lost luggage and much more. And if you have any adrenaline-fueled activities planned you can include these too. 

Get peace of mind for your trip with travel insurance for Malaysia

Cheapest Travel Insurance for Malaysia

The cost of your travel insurance for Malaysia will depend on your needs and plans. But if you are looking for the cheapest travel insurance for Malaysia, one method to cut costs could be to compare insurance policies to find the best price for the coverage you need

How much is travel insurance for Malaysia?

Travel insurance to Malaysia can be more expensive than European insurance because of medical care and repatriation costs. The cost of your premium will also depend on factors including: 

  • Your destination – Malaysia is divided into Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo’s East Malaysia. Each comes with separate risks that can affect the cost of your insurance. 
  • Your age – Generally, if you’re older, you might pay more for insurance because older folks tend to make claims more often.
  • Planned activities – Doing risky activities like parasailing, scuba diving, or jungle tours could mean you need extra coverage at an additional cost.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions – If you have existing health problems, insurance can cost more or you might need a specialist insurer to cover your needs.
  • The length of your stay – If you’re travelling for a long time, there’s more chance of accidents, and this can increase insurance costs.
  • Coverage type – Whether it’s a single trip, annual travel policy, or backpacker insurance, each option will give you different levels of protection at a different cost.
Do I need travel insurance for Malaysia?

Malaysia travel insurance from UK isn’t compulsory, but it’s strongly recommended to ensure your personal and financial security. If you are visiting Malaysia as a foreign visitor you will be charged for any medical care you need, and these bills can soon add up if you get into an accident or fall ill. 

Without proper coverage, you risk facing these costs as well as any expenses related to lost luggage, stolen belongings, paying for extra accommodation if flights or plans are cancelled and much more. It is simply not a risk worth taking.

Protect your health and finances now with travel insurance for Malaysia

What risks do I need to know when travelling to Malaysia?

Always check the latest government travel advice for Malaysia before you travel. If they advise against travelling in the area you plan to visit, insurers are unlikely to cover you. Threats to be aware of when considering insurance for Malaysia travel plans can include:  

  1. Kidnapping threats – Coastal areas in eastern Sabah pose a risk of kidnapping by terrorist and criminal groups. 
  2. Crime – Like anywhere the risk of crime like pickpocketing, credit card and ATM fraud exists in Malaysia. But be particularly aware of bag snatchers operating on motorbikes and food and drink spiking around bars and nightlife areas.
  3. Local laws and customs – Malaysia is a majority Muslim country and it’s important to respect this culture by dressing modestly, especially in areas of worship, and to be respectful during Ramadan. 
  4. Shari’a Law – If you are Muslim you may be subject to Shari’a law even as a visitor.
  5. Drug offences – Severe penalties exist including imprisonment and possible whipping. You can be asked to take drug tests on arrival if suspicion arises.
  6. Homosexuality laws – Homosexual acts are illegal under federal law. So its best to avoid behaviours that attract unwanted attention and harassment.
  7. Health risks – Mosquito-borne diseases, rabies and Zika virus can all affect tourists in Malaysia. Some experience issues with air pollution in urban areas and others can suffer from altitude sickness in high-altitude parts of the country.  
  8. Natural disasters – Forest fires and seasonal storms can cause flooding and seasonal haze issues that disrupt travel plans. 
What is the best travel insurance for Malaysia?

The best travel insurance for Malaysia for your plans will depend on your personal and travel needs. Malaysia is covered by worldwide travel insurance, and this comes in three main types that can be further tailored to your needs with additional coverage and add-ons. 

  1. Single trip insurance – Gives you instant coverage for short-term holidays.
  2. Annual multi-trip insurance – This can be more cost-effective if you travel multiple times a year.
  3. Backpacker insurance – Protects you on long-term travels.

Standard policies often cover low-risk activities like swimming and sightseeing. But for more adventurous activities, it’s important to have additional holiday activity coverage

Higher-risk activities that can necessitate activity coverage include:

  • Water sports like scuba diving, sailing, white water rafting or the more unique underwater scooter (scuba doo) at Kota Kinabalu.
  • Trekking or climbing, especially at high altitudes like Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands
  • Caving and spelunking including in Niah National Park
  • Motorcycle or scooter touring
  • Bungee jumping, paragliding, and skydiving
  • Horse riding
  • Rainforest and wildlife tours 
What documents do I need to enter Malaysia?

If you’re a British national, you don’t need a visa to visit Malaysia if you are travelling for under 90 days. Just make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months and is not damaged as this could cause issues on arrival.

If you’re travelling between Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, you should carry your passport as you’ll need an entry stamp in East Malaysia at your first port of entry.

Your Malaysian adventure starts with finding the right travel insurance for Malaysia. And we are here to simplify the process for you. Quickly compare quotes from 30 trusted UK travel insurers to find the coverage you need for a worry-free holiday in Malaysia.

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