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Travel Insurance

What is travel Insurance?

Travel can be an exciting experience but it can also come with risks. Cancelled flights, lost valuables and medical emergencies can all risk spoiling your holiday if you aren’t properly covered. Travel insurance offers you coverage against a range of potential issues so you aren’t left out of pocket should the unexpected happen.

Medical expenses incurred overseas without insurance can be very costly and potentially lead to serious financial repercussions. Having travel insurance in place can protect you against such costs when you return to the UK.

Whether you need single-trip travel insurance or multi-trip cover – Quotezone.co.uk can help you in your search for the cheapest travel insurance with our panel of over 35 expert UK-based insurance specialists.

What does travel insurance cover?

Medical expenses

If you have a medical emergency or fall ill while travelling overseas, you can claim for the cost of associated treatments by overseas healthcare providers.

Lost baggage

You can claim the full or partial value of your baggage if it is lost, stolen or damaged during your travels.

Emergency repatriation

If you or a family member needs emergency medical repatriation then you can claim on these costs. Death abroad is also covered for repatriation.

Cancellation cover

Cancellation cover allows you to claim up to a certain amount for last minute cancellations due to illness, injury or bereavement.

Travel disruption

Covers you for cancelled or delayed flights along with other travel disruptions beyond your control.

Legal protection

Should you require emergency legal services whilst overseas or loose important documents such as your passport, many travel insurance policies will cover you.

What isn’t covered by travel insurance?

Missed flights

If you miss a flight due to being late or not appearing for your flight, your travel insurance will not cover this expense.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Some pre-existing medical conditions wont be covered under standard travel insurance. You’ll need to declare any pre-existing medical conditions to your insurer. Failing to do so can lead to your cover and any claims made being rejected.

Adventure/extreme sports

Dangerous sports such as white-water rafting, racing, rock-climbing and others are deemed high risk by insurers. You typically won’t be able to claim for costs related to these activities.

Changing your mind

You will not be covered if you decide to cancel your trip without reason such as injury, illness or bereavement.

Drug and alcohol related incidents

Injury and accidents whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol are not covered by insurers.

Travel against official advise

If the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) recommends against travel to your desired location and you still decide to travel, you typically won’t be offered travel insurance.

Different types of travel insurance

Single trip travel insurance

Single trip travel insurance will cover you for a single trip or holiday. The duration of cover can usually be determined by you, however some insurers will have limits of how long you can be covered.

Annual multi-trip travel insurance

If you travel multiple times throughout the year, then a multi-trip travel insurance policy may be the cheaper option. It can cover you for multiple trips usually up to 28 days in duration for a 12 month period.

Backpacker insurance

Backpacker insurance will offer you coverage for a single prolonged trip, typically across multiple countries. Some insurers will offer backpacker insurance to couples, family members and groups.

Worldwide travel insurance

Worldwide travel insurance will cover you for travel destinations outside of Europe. Worldwide travel insurance is usually separated into two types –  worldwide cover that includes the USA, Canada and the Caribbean islands and worldwide cover that excludes these locations. It is usually cheaper to get the second option if you are not traveling to the USA or any other of these destinations.

European Travel Insurance

Travel to countries within continental Europe will typically be cheaper than worldwide insurance. Some neighbouring locations outside of Europe such as Turkey or Tunisia, may be covered under European travel insurance.

How much is travel insurance?

The exact cost of your travel insurance will depend on factors such as how long you will be travelling, your destination, level of chosen cover and any add-on coverage. The best travel insurance is not necessarily the cheapest however. When comparing travel insurance quotes be sure they provide you with all the necessary cover along with the best price.

Travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions

Certain conditions such as terminal illness, diabetes or chronic conditions should be insured under your travel insurance policy to ensure you aren’t at risk if you need treatment overseas. Not all travel insurance providers will cover pre-existing medical conditions – that’s why it is important to compare travel insurance quotes with Quotezone so you can find the right travel cover.  

Declare any pre-existing medical conditions

Failure to declare a medical condition, even if you think it is not significant, will see your travel insurance policy rejected when you need to make a claim for medical costs.

Some insurers will cover pre-existing conditions

While it may not be standard for most travel insurance policies, some insurers will offer coverage for pre-existing conditions or terminal illness.

Cheap travel insurance with medical conditions

Whilst it may be more expensive to get travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, it is still possible to find cheap coverage. Compare medical travel insurance with Quotezone to find the cheaper quotes.

Holiday insurance upgrades

Everyone’s travel plans are unique, so standard travel insurance may not be enough to cover you for all your travel plans. By adding extras to your travel insurance quote you can get all the coverage you need for your holiday.

Trip disruption cover

Some delays and disruptions such as natural disasters, terrorism, Covid-19 and airspace disruptions are not covered by standard travel insurance. Trip disruption coverage will offer you protection against additional risks that may disrupt your travel plans.

Excess waiver

If you are worried about excess fees should you need to make a claim, you can opt to add excess waiver insurance to your policy. This will waiver any excess fees for an additional premium cost.

Adventure/winter sports

As most standard travel insurance polices will not cover extreme sports, you’ll need specialist cover for activities such as skiing, white-water rafting and rock-climbing.

Trip extension

A typical single-trip travel insurance policy will cover you for up to 28 to 31 days. Trip extension coverage can extend your coverage usually up to a duration of 60 days.

Cruise cover

Cruise cover can protect you against cabin confinement, cancelled or changed itinerary costs and unused excursions. Some cruise lines will require you to be insured.

Missed departure

Some insurers will offer additional cover to protect you from missed departure flights due to public service delays, breakdowns and other delays not related to injury or medical emergency.

Travel gadget insurance

Depending on the value of the gadgets you need insured, you may need specialist insurance to cover your phone, laptop, tablet and watch. Check your policy details for what gadgets are covered.

Specialist travel insurance

Specialist travel insurance can cover you for a variety of non-standard travel arrangements. Group travel insurance, family travel insurance, under 18s travel insurance and couples travel insurance are some examples of specialist travel insurance coverage.

How to get cheap travel insurance?

Compare travel quotes

Doing a travel insurance comparison can increase your chances of finding cheap travel insurance. By using Quotezone.co.uk you can compare multiple travel insurance quotes for the right cover and price.

Get the right coverage

Compare different coverage options to see which travel policy can offer you the most the cover at the right price. For example, If you are travelling multiple times throughout the year then multi-trip travel insurance may be the right travel insurance for you.

Increase your excess

Increasing your excess can be a good way of getting cheaper travel insurance premiums. Be sure that you choose an excess amount that is affordable in case you need to make a claim.

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Why compare travel insurance with Quotezone? : How to get travel insurance

At Quotezone we can help you compare travel insurance from over 35 UK-based travel insurance providers. Quickly compare cheap holiday insurance quotes in minutes and get the right cover at the right price. How does it work?

Enter your travel details

Tell us where you’re travelling, the start and end date of your cover, the level of coverage you require, and any pre-existing medical conditions that need declared.

Compare travel insurance quotes

Compare quotes from multiple travel insurance providers for the cheapest price and right coverage.

Buy your policy

Once you’ve found a cheap holiday insurance policy, check it covers you for all your travel needs and then simply purchase your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best travel insurance?

The best travel insurance policy for you will depend on your required level of cover, travel itinerary and overall budget. When people talk about the best travel insurance, they are typically referring to cheap travel insurance that ticks off all their coverage needs at the cheapest possible price. To find the best travel insurance quote for you, compare travel insurance from multiple providers to increase your chance of finding the best cover.

Can I get travel insurance whilst pregnant?

Yes, pregnancy is not considered to be a pre-existing condition by most insurers so you should by covered for travel by most standard travel policies. Costs incured for births overseas will typically not be covered under your travel insurance however. It may also be a bit more difficult to find suitable insurance if you are travelling close to your due date. It is generally not recommended to travel overseas close to your due date.

What medical conditions do you need to declare?

It’s good practice to tell your travel insurance provider of any past or present medical conditions when taking out a policy. Medical conditions are not standard colds and flus but rather conditions officially diagnosed by your GP such as diabetes, cancer, heart conditions and epilepsy either recently or in the past. Usually your travel insurance provider will have a full list conditions that will be required to be disclosed should you have any of them. Confirm with your policy provider any medical conditions you may have and if these need to be disclosed.

Can cancer patients get travel insurance?

While many insurers may not offer travel insurance coverage to those with a pre-existing cancer, there are specialist insurers who will cover customers with the condition. While the cost of travel insurance for cancer patients will be higher than travel insurance without pre-existing medical conditions, it is still possible to get. The exact cost of travel insurance for cancer patients will depend on their cancer type, date of diagnosis, and treatment plan. You likely will not be covered for medical expenses and cancellations related directly to the cancer. Confirm the level of cover on offer directly with your insurer.

What is the best travel insurance for over 70 with medical conditions?

Travel insurance for over 70s is generally considered to be higher risk for injuries and medical claims. This is reflected in the cost of travel for over 70s generally being more expensive. When it comes to the best travel insurance for over 70s, the cheapest quote isn’t necessarily always the best. Be sure that your travel insurance quote covers you for all your needs including medical, repatriation, lost baggage and cover for an medical and mobility equipment.

When does travel insurance start and end

As a general rule it is recommended that you book your travel insurance right after you book your holiday. Many people choose a policy start date that covers them from the day they start to travel. This may not be the best option as by starting your travel insurance cover as soon as you book your trip, you can insure yourself against possible risks that might prevent you going. Be sure to leave enough time between your policy end date and your arrival home from the airport so you are covered for your whole trip.

Why do I need travel insurance?

Whilst travel insurance is not a legal requirement it is still strongly recommended. Being caught by an unexpected event overseas such as lost baggage, emergency medical treatment and cancelled flights can all lead to expensive additional costs for your holiday. By covering yourself with travel insurance you can claim back on expenses related to, damage, theft, travel disruption and medical treatment so you aren’t left out of pocket when you come home.

How do I make a claim on travel insurance?

When making a claim it is important to contact your insurer as soon as possible after the event. Keep your insurers details handy before you travel in case you do need to make a claim. Get any evidence relating to your expenses and event so your claim can run smoothly. Depending on the incident and expenses you are needing claim for, you may be required to collect additional information such as police reports, receipts and bank statements. Confirm with your insurer any exclusions that could void your claim.

What is excess in travel insurance?

Travel insurance excess is the amount you must pay to your insurer for them to start processing your claim. There are two types of excess in travel insurance, voluntary and compulsory. Compulsory excess is the amount you must pay for your insurer to begin processing your claim. Voluntary excess is an amount that you can volunteer to pay in addition to compulsory excess. Policyholders may wish to increase the amount of excess they pay through a voluntary excess amount so that they can receive cheaper premiums.

Do I need travel insurance if I have a GHIC or EHIC card?

Yes, a Global Health Insurance Card or European Health Insurance Card simply allows you to receive public health services in some European countries. You’ll still need travel insurance for other risks such as emergency repatriation, stolen or lost luggage and travel disruptions.

Which countries are covered by European travel insurance?

Depending on your specific policy, you can expect to be covered for the majority of countries in continental Europe by most standard travel insurance policies. Some neighbouring countries outside of continental Europe may also be covered.

See our European Travel Insurance guide.

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