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  • Save £300 on your annual energy bills*
  • Over 250,000 people switch every month**

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Compare Energy Prices with Ebico today

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Founded in Oxfordshire in 1998, Ebico is one of the most longstanding independent energy suppliers in the UK.

Somewhat unusually, Ebico is a not-for-profit energy supplier. Robin Hood Energy, Great North Energy, LECCY, Angelic Energy and White Rose Energy are also non-profits, but the vast majority of other energy companies in the UK are commercial enterprises that are run as for-profit businesses.

Ebico Energy currently supplies gas and electricity to more than 60,000 customers. This was originally facilitated through a supply partnership with SSE, but in early 2017 Ebico signed a new partnership with Robin Hood Energy and all of its customers are now supplied via this new supply partner.

If you’re thinking of switching to Ebico Energy why not use our energy price comparison service to compare tariffs now? It’s free to use, and you’re under no obligation to switch.

How long does it take to switch to Ebico Energy?

Provided there aren’t any issues or complications, a standard switch from your current energy supplier to Ebico should take less than three weeks, and your energy supply will not be interrupted during this time.

Does Ebico supply gas as a standalone utility?

Yes, Ebico Energy is one of just a handful of energy suppliers in the UK that can provide a gas-only supply.

By contrast, many of the country’s other energy suppliers (outside the Big Six), including Shell Energy, Together Energy, Ovo Energy, M and S Energy, Sainsbury’s Energy and Igloo Energy are only able to supply gas if customers sign up to a dual fuel tariff.

Does Ebico supply renewable electricity?

Yes, since Ebico’s supply partner, Robin Hood Energy, supplies 100% renewable electricity, any customer that has their electricity supplied by Ebico can rest assured that their electricity is from 100% renewable energy sources.

I’m currently with Ebico but I’m thinking of switching to a different supplier – can Quotezone.co.uk help me to do that?

Yes, if you’re currently with Ebico Energy but are thinking of switching to a different energy supplier then Quotezone.co.uk’s energy comparison service can help you to both compare tariffs and switch online when you’ve found a tariff you want to switch to.

I’m with a different energy supplier but I’m thinking of switching to Ebico – can Quotezone.co.uk help me to compare their tariffs to make sure they’re competitive?
compare electricity prices

Yes, Quotezone.co.uk’s energy price comparison service can help you to compare Ebico’s current gas and electricity tariffs against those currently being offered by other suppliers in the UK.

Does Ebico Energy support smart meters?

If you’ve had a first-generation smart meter installed by a previous supplier and you switch to Ebico your smart meter will become a standard prepayment meter (sometimes known as a ‘dumb meter’).

Ebico customers can choose to have a second-generation smart meter installed, though, and this can be done free of charge if you arrange the installation through Ebico’s supply partner, Robin Hood Energy.

Ebico reviews: good or bad?

Ebico energy reviews on online review sites have generally been positive, with 79% of reviewers on Trustpilot giving the company an ‘excellent’ or ‘great’ rating.

Ready to switch? Compare energy tariffs now

This information provided by Quotezone is not intended to be and should not be construed as advice. The information is publicly available and is correct as of 9th August 2017

* Ofgem research finds comparing and switching supplier or energy tariff can make a big difference to your gas and electricity bills – with annual savings of around £300 available please see https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/consumers/household-gas-and-electricity-guide/how-switch-energy-supplier-and-shop-better-deal

** Over 250,000 people switch energy company or tariff every month. Please see https://www.energy-uk.org.uk/our-work/retail/switching.html

To see the latest monthly switching stats, please visit Energy UK’s website: http://www.energy-uk.org.uk/publication/293-research-and-reports/switchingreports.html"