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Compare Eversmart Energy

Eversmart Energy

Founded in Manchester in 2016, Eversmart Energy is a green energy supplier that has ambitious plans to lure 500,000 domestic energy customers away from the ‘Big Six’ by 2021.

Tenants and homeowners can either sign up as an electricity-only customer, or they can opt to sign up for Eversmart Energy’s dual fuel tariff if they want the company to supply both their electricity and gas.

eversmart energy

If you’re thinking of switching your energy supplier why not use our price comparison service to compare energy tariffs now? It’s free to use, and you’re under no obligation to switch.

Is Eversmart Energy a 100% renewable electricity supplier?

Yes, Eversmart Energy’s electricity supply is from 100% renewable energy sources, with 80% generated by wind power and 20% coming from hydroelectric.

Does Eversmart Energy supply gas as a standalone utility?

No, not as a standalone supply.

However, as with Fairerpower, Pure Planet, Boost Power, Together Energy and Igloo Energy, Eversmart does supply gas as part of a dual fuel tariff, which means you can use Eversmart as your gas supplier provided they are also supplying your electricity.

Alternatively, you could choose to have your electricity supplied by Eversmart Energy as a standalone supply, and then sign up with a different firm for your gas supply. (For reference, Zog Energy, So Energy, White Rose Energy, Entice Energy, SSE and Utility Point are some of the energy companies that are able to supply gas as a standalone supply).

I’m currently with Eversmart Energy but I’m thinking of switching – can Quotezone.co.uk help me to do that?

I’m currently with Eversmart Energy but I’m thinking of switching to a different supplier – can Quotezone.co.uk help me to do that?

Yes, if you’re currently with Eversmart Energy but are thinking of switching to a different energy supplier then Quotezone.co.uk’s energy comparison service can help you to both compare tariffs from other suppliers and switch online when you’ve found a tariff you want to switch to.

I’m with a different energy supplier but I’m thinking of switching to Eversmart Energy – can Quotezone.co.uk help me to compare their prices?

Yes, Quotezone.co.uk’s energy price comparison service can help you to compare Eversmart Energy’s current gas and electricity tariffs against those offered by other suppliers in the UK.

Does Eversmart Energy support smart meters?
eversmart energy tariffs

Yes, Eversmart Energy does support smart meters. In fact, the company is offering to install a free green energy smart meter for any customer that signs up for any one of its tariffs.

Is it true Eversmart Energy will insure my boiler for free?

Yes, some of Eversmart’s tariffs come with free boiler cover as standard, so if you signed up for one of those tariffs your boiler would be insured for free.

What is the Eversmart Family Saver Club?

It’s the name of a customer reward scheme that is open to Eversmart Energy direct debit customers, which will pay those customers 12% interest on their annual energy bill if they agree to pay for their full year’s worth of energy 12 months in advance. That interest rate is much higher than consumers could find from any savings account or ISA, but needless to say it is only likely to benefit customers that have upwards of £1,000 readily available to pay for 12 months’ energy upfront.

Does Eversmart Energy charge exit fees?

Yes, Eversmart Energy does usually charge fixed-rate energy customers a termination fee if they want to terminate their contract early.

Customers on a variable rate tariff should never incur an exit fee when they switch.

Eversmart Energy reviews: good or bad?

The Eversmart Energy reviews on online review sites have generally been fairly positive, with more than 60% of customers giving the supplier the highest possible rating.

Want to compare tariffs from a range of energy suppliers? Give our free energy price comparison service a whirl now.



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