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Compare Electricity tariffs

Compare electricity rates and switch today

Compare electricity rates and switch today

Compare electricity rates and switch today
  • Save on your annual energy bills*
  • Over people switch every month**
  • Compare a wide range of gas & electricity suppliers

Compare Electricity tariffs

Compare Electricity tariffs – Switch Electricity Providers

For anyone living in a UK property it is highly likely it will be powered by electricity. This may mean that the heating, lighting and all other appliances run off electric power and as such the homeowner or tenant would be required to settle any associated bills. An electricity tariff could be one of the main outgoings of a property of this nature and depending on the time of year the rate to be paid could fluctuate according to usage. It tends to be the case that bills are either monthly or quarterly and originate from the service provider.

Many residents of domestic dwellings may not realise that they could compare electric prices to ensure they are getting the best deal possible. If a person takes the time to review the price of electric plan they may then know for sure that they are paying the cheapest rate possible. If not

The most convenient way to compare tariffs could be to perform a comparison using an online calculator. This way could make all the difference between receiving the going rate and getting the best possible deals – from this you could then decide to switch energy providers. Having only one source of fuel doesn’t have to mean being at a disadvantage as there could still be savings to be made on a cheap rate, but it could be beneficial to compare electricity rates and switch electricity providers - you could save on your annual energy bills.

After seeing what utilities rates are available after a comparison is completed it might be appropriate to switch suppliers of electricity. To switch doesn’t have to be inconvenient and might completed at a time to suit. Comparing prices in this way might be a great way to save up for something very special rather than just stick to the same rate issued by the current supplier.



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Ofgem accredited

Our energy comparison service is accredited to the


Our energy comparison service is accredited by Ofgem. This means that our service is:

  • impartial – not biased to any supplier
  • comprehensive – compares all domestic tariffs from all suppliers
  • accurate and up to date

More information is available on the Ofgem website at www.ofgem.gov.uk

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