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Compare energy prices and switch today with SGN

Compare energy prices and switch today with SGN

Compare energy prices and switch today with SGN Energy
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Compare Energy with SGN

SGN’s Help to Heat Scheme

SGN responsible for distributing natural and green gas to 5.9 million homes and businesses across Scotland and the south and south east regions of England. Whoever your energy supplier is, SGN pipes deliver gas safely, reliably and efficiently to every one of its customers.

SGN is actively engaged in a number initiatives to help the most vulnerable members of the communities it serves, and in particular it wants to use its Help to Heat scheme as a means to alleviate fuel poverty within SGN network areas.

SGN’s Help to Heat scheme allows SGN to install first time mains gas connections into fuel poor homes, and is endorsed by Ofgem. These connections are either heavily subsidised or in most cases completely free. Providing a gas connection offers a means for households to be lifted out of fuel poverty, as installing gas central heating improves the quality of housing and significantly reduces fuel bills.

Households are eligible for the scheme either by simply residing in a qualifying postcode area, or meeting the eligibility criteria that is also in use for the ECO scheme.

You could qualify if you:

• Live in SGN’s network area

• receive certain income-related benefits

• live in one of the top 25% most deprived areas within our network area

• are in ‘fuel poverty’ according to current government definitions

Landlords and local authorities can also apply but homes under construction, conversions and empty buildings are excluded from SGN’s ‘Help to Heat’ scheme, as are commercial premises.

Check if you qualify

What you’ll need:

• Proof of eligibility

• Arrangements should be in place for the installation of a gas central heating system

How can you apply?

Call SGN’s partner, YES Energy Solutions, on 0800 183 0025 or email sgn@yesenergysolutions.co.uk.



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Ofgem accredited

Our energy comparison service is accredited to the


Our energy comparison service is accredited by Ofgem. This means that our service is:

  • impartial – not biased to any supplier
  • comprehensive – compares all domestic tariffs from all suppliers
  • accurate and up to date

More information is available on the Ofgem website at www.ofgem.gov.uk

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